Airsoft John Wick Pistol with upgrades


Just in time for Christmas
This pistol is stock, an SRC TTI 2011 Kikimora, modelled after the pistol used in the John Wick movies, with a full matte black finish instead of a black and rose gold. The magazine is modified to take a high capacity AR15 magazine and a high pressure paintball gas tank. This leads to it having a capacity of around 600 rounds a mag instead of 30 rounds a mag and makes it a more reliable primary. The modifications are not reversible, but they are done with top of the line parts and there is no reason to try to undo them. If you want a regular pistol magazine look for a novritsch SSP1/SSP5 magazine, but will set you back around 30£. It is very reliable, I sent around 1000 rounds though it with no issues, it has not been used in a field and has only been used for target practice at home.
Very reliable, realistic and beautiful piece that satisfied a gun nerd like me.
It is in perfect condition aside from a few scratches on the slide that come with regular use and should last a long time as long as it is not mistreated.
Pistol: $250
Magazine and mods: $150 (the 3D printed part was $110)
Protective gear: $50
Gas tank: $90
Regulator: $130
Hose: $90
BBs: $30
Gun Case: $40
Speed loader: $20
Combined new price for everything: $850 (Plus tax)