Calgary · 1 day ago
Price: $250/1000
Custom made scabbards and butt covers with ammo loops Canadian made top quality materials and craftsmanship Have your own ideas I can incorporate them as well Works well for Winchester 30-30 Marlins 45/70 Henry Any kind of long rifled Shot guns and defenders 22 rifles You name it All lever actions nice tight fit
Calgary · 2 weeks ago
Price: $$95.00
Size 72 winter blanket with neck cover, very good condition.
Calgary · 1 month ago
Price: $39.95
Hand crafted Hat mounts / hat saver. Repurposed Lariat, new suction cups mounts. Decorative and functional. As pictured **** Hand crafted Made in Canada ***** Please support local. Trucks *** SUV’s *** Trailer living quarters *** Horse trailer tack room Entryway / mud rooms. Can be applied almost everywhere. Includes high bond pad...