No cash down!!! Looking to Stud / puppies are in high demand- calgary, sundre, high river, okotoks


Looking to stud my dog. This big boy carries traits of the super soft and fluffy norwegian elk hound, his coat stays clean, dose not hold onto smells, is easy to groom with low risk of mats (tail should be comed occasionally) he drys quickly. a super friendly temperament that is great with kids/ other animals and welcomed guests but some natural garding instinct using loud alerting ferocious bark.He picks up training quickly, learning service tasks such as retrieve dropped objects, mobility support and pressure therapy. He has great endurance especially for his larg size keeping up on dirtbike and quad rides. Dipper is 2 years old, we have decided to breed him due to high interest in his future puppies. Dipper is a stbernard/norwegian elk hound mix. This dog is able to settle quickly but is not lazy. he weighs approximately 170-180lbs (still growing)Located in Calgary and sundre area. Pleas, msg, text or email to negotiate services (possible pup exchange) thankyou.